Royal weddings of Rajasthan

Amit Prasad Noida “It was one of the most memorable experiences to attend a Royal Wedding in Rajasthan. In India, a wedding is considered to be a union of not just two individuals but two families and to witness all that extravagance is like being in a Bollywood movie!”

As the sun sets, the bride, who looks like a dream in her elaborate red couture and traditional jewelry, takes pious steps around the holy fire hand in hand with her prince charming; exchanging vows of a lifetime. Imagine this scene unraveling against the most exquisite and regal set up that screams of luxury and heritage. It sure is a vision to behold and an experience of a lifetime! Fairytale weddings do happen after all and they happen in the royal state of Rajasthan. So if you are attending a wedding or planning to exchange/renew your vows...

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Experiences in Rajasthan


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